Monday, April 16, 2012

UFO News - 16th April, 2012

Back in the Day - April 9, 1972: Credible witness writes of Wanaque UFOs
Bantam Lake UFO sighting reports have residents buzzing; some want officials to investigate
St. Petersburg Mystery Lights Russian Military Alien False Flag Event?
Unknown Objects Observed/Photographed over South Africa
Three Objects Stacked on Top of Each Other in Nevada
UFO Sighting Filmed from Plane, London-NY Flight

Footnote:If you search for UFO stories on the web, you'll notice that I don't include stories from 'Gather' and 'Canadian National Newspaper'. Both of these sources often publish UFO stories, but on numerous occasions, my anti-virus software has blocked attempted intrusions from these websites. So that's why I don't include links from those two sources any more.
Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.
- Steve