Thursday, August 30, 2012

UFO News - 29th & 30th August, 2012

Multiple UFO Lights Stun Brooklyn Residents
Stanton Friedman says there's 'overwhelming evidence' for ET visitation
More 'evidence of life' as online users claim to spot an alien picking up a Dr Martens boot in Curiosity's latest images (or is this just another trick of the light played on us by Mars?)
Roswell Transparency
Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOs
Filer's Files #35 - 2012 - UFOs on the Moon
Humanoid Reports and Other Encounters...2010-August 2012: Part 6
'Signs': UFOs, TV, and Hyperreality
Just the Facts?: Is This An Alien Corpse? -- Alien Abduction In Texas -- Help Wanted: Hangman
Eyewitness Reports Metallic Triangle over Saginaw, Michigan
Faint Lights of Triangle Seen over Plymouth, Washington
UFO Videos from the Cutting Room Floor, Fourth Edition
Elongated, Cigar-shaped Objects Seen over Syracuse

UFO spotted at Loch of Lowes
UFO Alien ROUND UP – UFO Evidence, Alien Abduction, Mars Rover & More! – Breaking News
'East Lancs is a UFO sightings hotspot'
Giant UFOs Captured Near Moon's Surface
I'm thinking that the footage may have been filmed from indoors and the 'UFOs' might actually be something like moisture droplets on the window. They appear to move because of the extreme zoom and the Moon's transit across the sky.
Big late-night boom shakes homes in south Wales
'Bullet' UFO spotted over Turkey
Just the Facts?: Alien Encounter May Not Be Happy One -- Happy Birthdays To Me -- Alien Abductions, Lost Time
British Civil Aviation Authority Highly Interested In Pilots' UFO Sightings
A rejoinder: UFO sightings and Alien encounter may not be happy one
Multiple Unknown Objects Reported over Kingwood, Texas
Highly Reflective Object is Seen, then Disappears over Cameron, Missouri
Reader Reports Unidentified Object Near O'Hare Airport
Video and Frame Captures Taken in Central Italy
Did Neil Armstrong Take UFO Secrets to the Grave?