Thursday, September 07, 2006

UFOData Magazine Issue 5

UFO DATA are pleased to announce that issue five of UFO DATA Report goes on sale from Monday 4th September 2006.

This issue concentrates on NASA's association with UFOs over the years. We hear from STS-48 UFO footage analyst, Dr Jack Kasher. American NASA video collector, Jeff Challender has written a great piece about anomalous objects being captured by NASA cameras. We remember the late Colonel Gordon Cooper, Right Stuff astronaut and outspoken proponent of UFOs. Russel Callaghan writes about the 'Smoking Gun' film and the documentary itself is included on the FREE DVD!

Also in this issue are articles by UFO researchers, Brian Allan and Tony Topping, American researcher, Dennis Balthaser, recounts his experiences at Area 51 and
Michael Horn
offers his expertise on the Billy Meier case.

You can subscribe on line or by simply sending a cheque for £18.00 to UFO DATA PO BOX 280 LEEDS LS26 1AN Single issues can be ordered on line or direct from the address above. Issue two features a free DVD and higher costs mean a single issue with DVD is £3.50. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the magazine.  See website for details

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