Tuesday, June 26, 2007

UFOData Magazine - July/August, 2007

The July/August issue of UFOData Magazine will be out at the beginning of July and we have another packed issue for you.

This time, we focus on the enigma of the Flying Triangles. Omar Fowler delves into the mystery, including one report that is reminiscent of the recent ‘drone’ sightings in the States; Nick Pope shares his opinion on the Triangle phenomenon and Steve Johnson digs up some cases from over the years.

Dr Peter McCue has written two fascinating articles for this issue, the first being about ‘the psychic internet’ and how it might affect the UFO subject and the second exploring the ongoing activity in and around Rendlesham Forest; NASA advisor, James Oberg, offers his opinions on the validity of pilots reporting UFOs; Andrew Pike has written a hugely entertaining article about astronomical events over the years; Brian Allan takes a look at the notion that there may be more to the UFO subject than the extra-terrestrial hypothesis; Russel Callaghan gives his opinion on the recent ‘drone’ photographs from California; the UFOs sighted over Guernsey have been all over the news lately and we have a full report; Irish film-maker, Ronan Gallagher, describes the inspiration for his latest documentary, Loving the Alien; Peter Robbins takes us on an investigation in Kentucky, seeking out an alleged UFO crash site; Philip Mantle gives us an update on the alien autopsy film; Sam Willey reviews the recent LAPIS Conference in Blackpool.

Of course, there is also the latest news and reviews from around the ufological world. This issue also has two very exciting competitions for you to enter:

You can win a copy of Witness to Roswell, the excellent new book from Tom Carey and Don Schmitt by answering a simple question.

Want to attend the International UFO Congress event in Laughlin, Nevada, in March? Well, we have a pair of tickets to give away! The winners will receive 8 days and 9 nights of hotel accommodation, as well as a full pass to the conference, ticket to the Cocktail Party, Film Festival Entrance every night, Keynote Speaker Dinner and EBE Awards Banquet ticket, all courtesy of our friends at The UFO Congress and Film Festival. In total, the prize is worth almost $1400!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

May/June, 2007, Issue of UFOData Magazine

UFOData Magazine is pleased to announce that the May/June edition of our 68-page, full-size, glossy issues will go on sale at the beginning of May, 2007.

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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, the May/June issue of UFOData Magazine features many articles about the world's most famous UFO crash.

Dennis Balthaser tells us about the 2007 Roswell UFO Festival.

Neil Morris, of the Roswell Photographic Interpretation Team, examines the famous images taken in General Ramey's office.

Dr Kevin Randle gives his overview of the current state of Roswell research.

Philip Mantle interviews Ray Santilli about his infamous alien autopsy film and what the future may hold for this controversial footage.

Ed Gehrman visits one of the alleged Roswell crash sites.

Nick Pope looks at some of the 'side issues' that have arisen with regard to Roswell.

Also in this issue, Steve Johnson and Chris Rolfe investigate an encounter by two American F-15 fighters with an unknown object in January, 2007; Robbie Graham describes his experiences with DI55, the 'real' British government UFO desk; UFOData looks at other UFO crashes over the years; David Cayton describes an incident from 1958 when a UFO was detected on radar in the Mediterranean; Malcolm Robinson explores military abductions (MILABS); Kevin Goodman looks back at the mysteries of Warminster; Brian Vike provides details on a creepy encounter in California in 1975; Joe McGonagle and Gary Anthony cast a critical eye over The Cosford Incident; plus all the usual news and reviews.

This edition of UFOData Magazine is not to be missed!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Strange, Bright Object Photographed Over Leeds, UK

On Thursday, February 1st, 2007, a video recorded on a cameraphone was sent to Russel Callaghan at UFOData Magazine. It also appeared on local BBC TV news programme, Look North.

The clip can be found at:

By a remarkable stroke of fortune, UFOData Magazine researcher and features writer, Sacha Christie saw the object and took a great photograph (close-up enclosed). It can be found in the 'General UFO Discussion' section of the UFOData Forum ( http://www.ufodata.co.uk/forum )

The clip was shown for a second time the following night and that clip can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzI8_iDKM3s

Enquiries have been made into what this could be, including contacting RAF Fylingdales, and UFOData Magazine will publish the findings when we learn more. It could be a piece of debris entering the Earth's atmosphere, either natural or man-made.

The object is somewhat similar to what was photographed in Wales in 2003. That was initially thought to be a meteor or bolide exploding in the atmosphere and it made the Astronomy Picture of the Day for 1st October, 2003. That was eventually explained as an aeroplane contrail illuminated by the setting sun. What was seen today, however, does not seem to be the same, as the object was seen to move across the sky.

Hopefully more answers will emerge soon.


Steve Johnson
Features Writer
UFOData Magazine