Saturday, August 06, 2005


A while back, I discovered the wonders of Google Maps, an amazing online resource with which you can explore the surface of our planet through satellite imagery and/or local maps.

Then I found out about Google Moon, with which you can explore the lunar landscape, albeit not with as much resolution as its earthly sibling.

Then I installed GoogleEarth, an absolutely fantastic program that allows you to glide over the world, with the landscape terrain-mapped in 3D, and visit places you could only dream about.

Now I have learned that Google has reserved domain names for the other planets of our solar system! I can't wait for Google Mars! Will it be possible to fly through the huge Mariner Valley, glide around Olympus Mons or even get a close-up of the Cydonia Face?

C'mon Google bods! get your fingers out! :)

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