Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mercury Rapids: The Mountains of Tomorrow

At long last the final chapter of the Mercury Rapids trilogy is available to buy!
Published by iUniverse, Mercury Rapids: The Mountains of Tomorrow can be purchased from all good online retailers or through my own website ( )

The countdown has begun and Earth is in jeopardy once more!

Bill Lewis is once again flung into events beyond his control when he learns that the evil, reptilian aliens known as the Others have begun construction of a devastating weapon on the Moon.

Can the combined forces of Earth's secret UFO agencies defeat them as they did once before? What part will Bill Lewis play in this terrifying 'war of the worlds'? And why do the enigmatic Greys continue to probe his mind?

Mercury Rapids: The Mountains of Tomorrow explosively concludes the trilogy that began with Mercury Rapids and continued with Mercury Rapids: The Thoth Imperative.


  1. Anonymous12:16 am

    The third and final? chapter in the series...What I have read so far is great! Well done Steve on a top write and a very enjoyable conclusion to a superb trilogy.


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