Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Welcome Home Discovery

Thank goodness the space shuttle Discovery has returned safely to the Earth.

Unfortunately, STS-114 could be the last ever space shuttle mission. Atlantis was due to be used on the next flight, and indeed the Space Transportation System was supposed to be phased out in 2010, but with the Columbia tragedy and the problems during this mission, where astronaut Steve Robinson had to make an unprecedented EVA to remove protruding gap fillers from beneath the nose of the shuttle.

If the shuttle fleet is decommissioned, I hope that NASA have a worthy succesor in store. Surely reliance upon the Russian Soyuz system is unacceptable to the proud American public!


  1. Just like Jeremy Clarkson said in the Sun newspaper...we seem to be going backwards not upwards and always twirling...twirling!

  2. The previous comment was by Ed not Steve... Ed's a bit of a divvy and is easily confused... heh heh

  3. Anonymous12:39 am

    who said that? Was that the old crippled fart?

    "oh me poor old back, all I did was roll over..."


  4. At least a gang of kids didn't start to egg me! :P


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