Friday, August 05, 2005

NatGeo - Paranormal? - UFOs

I just watched the National Geographic programme, Paranormal?. This episode was about the UFO phenomenon and I was looking forward to it as the other programmes in the series (about stuff like lake monsters, ghosts etc.) had been very good and pretty much impartial, giving both sides of the relevant arguments.

Unfortunately, the episode about UFOs was just taking the p**s, in my opinion. They did nothing but debunk everything from the Mexican Eclipse UFOs (saying they were Venus) to the recent Mexican airforce IR sighting (saying it was distant oil platforms) to a UFO video near Mt Popecatepetl (saying it was a bird) [in fact Mexican sightings featured almost the entire programme!] to abductions (saying that they were nothing more than sleep paralysis and/or hypnotic suggestion).

It was a truly diabolical programme.

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