Thursday, July 12, 2012

UFO News - 12th July, 2012

Man sees 'cigar-shaped' UFO over Tulsa County
UFO sightings in Lincolnshire: The files
ET phone Houghton: Sunderland UFO report revealed
Amazing Scottish UFO sightings revealed in secret MoD files
UFO sighting report near Weston-super-Mare is released to public
Th e UFO Files: Alien sightings in Britain
UFO Wales: New X-files shed light on 'alien' sightings
UFO sightings and government cover-ups discussed in Farmington
'X' files reveal sightings of flying saucers over Burton
UFO files spotlight Scots
UK 'X-Files' reveal UFO sighting over Chelsea stadium
Pilots experience close encounter with UFO in skies over Manchester
The UFO Files: Tony Blair briefed on alien defence policy
The UFO Files: the 'strangest job in Whitehall'
UK reveals UFO 'X-Files'
Government files on UFOs investigations in Lincolnshire are released
Gwent's X-Files show UFO 'encounters'
How Edwards found himself under siege from UFO reports
Echo's UFO report in government file
The UFO Files: What people see when they spot UFOs
Midlands UFO sightings revealed in new MoD documents
Pilots experience close encounter with UFO in skies over Manchester
Reality of working on UK's 'X-Files'
Tony Blair received MOD briefing on UFOs while prime minister because of his concerns over the disclosure of classified information on alien life-forms
X-Files reveal UFO sighting over London stadium
Britain releases UFO archives that looked into why aliens would visit Earth
Latest release of 'X-files' shows MoD took idea of alien visitors seriously
UK ‘X-Files’ reveal UFO sighting over Chelsea stadium
MoD took alien abduction of Scots duo seriously, according to secret file
Roswell Really Happened, Says Former CIA Agent
Do you think UFOs have visited Norwich, Lakenheath and Great Yarmouth? Report show aliens may have
Ufo Cover Up Disclosure Will Happen Whether The Government Likes It or Not
Ministry of Defence reveals UFO files
Fast-moving triangle UFO races across Denver sky
MoD documents reveal filmworthy alien abduction
CIA veteran says Roswell was extraterrestrial crash
Russia using UFOs to boost tourism
The UFO Files: aliens 'might come here for holidays'
Another UFO: this time low over the mountains
UFO Sightings in SoCal
The 4 Most Plausible Alien Encounters
Filer's Files 28 - 2012 Castro Saw Aliens in USSR
Reader Submissions: Incidents at Roswell
Unknown Glowing Object Reported over Worthington, Ohio
Year-long Stay on ET Base - Part One
Trail Blazing “Trash” Manifests Aliens and Creates Our Future in the Galaxy
Black Helicopter/Unknown Objects over Kalamazoo, Michigan
Unknown Lights over Missouri Caught on Video
If They Ever Come From Outer Space
Would They Talk to Us?