Friday, July 13, 2012

UFO News - 13th July, 2012

UFO sightings over Aberdeen revealed
UFOs in Bransholme? Files reveal mysterious sightings in skies over Hull
UFO X-Files Released By U.K. Reveal Desire To Weaponize Alien Technology
UFO sighted again in Heilongjiang mountain
UFO: Military Helicopter pursues star-like orb over Colorado
'Missile Launch' UFO Spooks China
'UFO' at bottom of Baltic Sea may be Nazi anti-submarine device
Former PM Tony Blair ordered UFO research
Light shed on famous UFO mystery in Pembrokeshire
'Mushroom' UFO Spotted over Washington, MD (Video)
Roswell ‘ufo’ not from Earth says former CIA agent
UFO Scares Pilot at 41,000 Feet (Video)
UFOs over the UK
Archive of ‘X-Files’ detailing UFO sightings released in UK
Recent late-night lights were likely not a UFO
Westminster, UFOs and other alien life forms
Comic-Con: J. Michael Straczynski Announces New Project
Britain's National Archives Releases Documents Detailing Work Of 'UFO Desk'
UFO files: Report reveals Government thought aliens might be here just for tourism
UK ‘X-Files' reveal UFO sighting over stadium
UFO footage baffles experts
Mysterious Lights over Northern Counties Explained
Northern Colorado UFO meeting held tonight
Latest release of 'X-files' shows MoD took idea of alien visitors seriously
Professional UFO hunters say they won't watch 'Chasing UFOs'
Alie n hunt: UK 'X-Files' reveal UFO sightings
Illinois witnesses report '3-foot bubble' UFO over Knox County
'Weirdest job in Whitehall': UFOs, men in black and Chelsea FC
Previously classified “X-files” show how seriously Britain considered alien threats
Alien Invasion Hotspots in the UK Mapped Out
Fresno, Central California: Hotspot For UFOs?
Blair and the X files
Five highlights from the newly released MoD UFO files
UFO files: faceless humanoids spook Welsh hotel owner
Salem's UFO 60th and Disclosure
Secret reports suggest UFOs have visited North East
UK X-Files show UFO sighting over Chelsea Football Club
British Government Looked for UFOs, Documents Show
Extraterrestrial Alien Evidence Buried in CIA Vault?
Op-Ed: Are UFO's fact or fiction?
Oh we do like E.T. beside the seaside
UFO triangle in US believed to be `alien hotspot'
Aliens target Reading
UFO 'Bermuda Triangle' Identified in California and Nevada
Reports of aliens over North East have been revealed
Cleric’s appeal not worth a postage stamp?
VI DEO: Did UFOs visit Boston or did our Stump spook the radar?
New UFO sighting images released by Ministry of Defence
Former UFO investigator discusses new MOD files
Tony Blair briefed on UFO sightings
On Display! MoD's Files On UFOs
A collection of UFO photos and sketches, some less convincing than others
The real life 'Man in Black'
MP passed on claims of UFO sighting
British National Archives reveals documents on UFO sightings
The UFO Files: MoD documents 'absolutely fascinating'
Friends’ UFO abduction claim sparked secret military probe
Aliens over the Fens? Fighter jets scrambled? All in a lifetime’s work for those documenting UFOs
What UFO files tell us about the MoD's response to strange sightings across the UK
Tony Blair was briefed on alien defence policy by Ministry of Defence
UFO sightings in Essex: Government files released
Government files reveal Boston Stump UFO mystery
Chile: Retired General Declares "UFOs Exist"
Chile: Alleged UFO Over La Cisterna
Luis Burgos: 4 Out of 10 Argentines Have Seen a UFO"
Roswell UFO Sighting, a 65 year-old Mystery Remains Unsolved?
The UFO Files: Database of documents released by the MoD
Wakefiel d mystery UFO sighting
Ne w files reveal details of UFO sighting in the skies above Staffordshire
Holidaying aliens may have visited Earth, suggest MoD files
Reader Submissions: UFO / Humanoid Encounter - Near Coleman, Texas
Dark, Unlighted Object Moves over Thornton, Colorado