Thursday, July 19, 2012

UFO News - 19th July, 2012

Plasma Mothership UFO Analyzed
Durham Police: There was a UFO near Hamsterley Forest
Report reveals UFO sighting near Hamsterley Forest
Residents report odd orange glow seen in night sky over Hawkinge
Lights in triangle formation watched over Pennsylvania mountain
UFO Launches from a Bolivian Hillside
Morphing UFO Caught over Mexico
Declassified 'UFO' files don't prove alien life
Kecksburg to host UFO festival, creature-encounters conference
UFO Sighting? There's an App for That
Boston photographer unsure of anomaly crossing camera lens
'Invisible UFOs'?
'Invisible UFOs' fill the skies
Orange globe UFO moves twice over Colorado witnesses
Residents report strange sightings
Kentucky UFO abductions inspire staged 'High Strangeness'
UFO 'Degree' On Alien Life Forms Is Among Free Courses Offered By Edinburgh University
Retired air force colonel talks about investigating and debunking UFO sightings
Scientific explanation for UFO hovering in street photo says witness
UFO Encounters Were Reported to Tony Blair
Filer's Files # 29 - 2012 UK Releases UFO Files
Hidden Experience: The Evolutionary Triad
Unknown, Green-Colored Object Seen over Oklahoma City, OK
Four Unknown Lights Observed over Pacific Ocean in California
Rod-like Object Caught on Video over Boston, Massachusetts
UFO in my eyes - my personal journey through the complexities of the Chinese UFO experience