Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UFO News - 18th July, 2012

'Smoke Ring' UFO Emerges from Clouds
UFO sighting: Kelly Green Man Days unveils flying saucer
Investigating Alaska's paranormal a serious business -- with growth potential
They’re back: UFOs at Phoenix Mountain
Contact with Extraterrestrial Life Imminent? What about God?
UFOs are the star at research agency's annual event
Scots are enlisted in universET
Edinburgh University offers course on searching for aliens (...maybe they can teach UFO hunters how to take a good photo?)
Everything’s coming up roses
Soldier reports 'glowing green orb' at Fort Sill Army post
Can you help Frank find his missing UFO film?
Military Claims Michigan UFOs Part of Training Mission
UFOs often misidentified - astronomer
Argentina: Thoughts on the Concordia Aerodrome MIB
UFO Files: Declassified U.K. Documents Released, Reveal Tony Blair Was Briefed On UFO Sightings
Another 'Lifesaver' UFO Spotted Over NH
Are There Secret Underground Bases In The Eastern U.S.?
UFO sighted over village
Cloud Busting UFO Analyzed
Mounties Respond to Report of Two 'Non-Human Entities'
Close Encounters of the Tribe Kind. Was there a UFO over Galway this weekend?
Cube-shaped UFO Photos in Video
The UFO/Alien High Wire Circus Act
Teardrop-shaped Object Seen over Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
I Told William Shatner That The Ultra-Terrestrial "Invasion" Of The Earth Has Begun And That Strange "Alien" Shape Shifters Could Be Living Amongst Us
Flying Saucer along Delaware Shore?
Unknown Object Videotaped over Tijuana, Mexico
ORB Phenomena Shows New Curves Over Saint Augustine Beach Florida In Daytime Amazing Display
Can We Learn Anything From UFO Photos ?, part five.