Saturday, July 14, 2012

UFO News - 14th July, 2012

Explaining the unexplained
It’ s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it may be a UFO
UFO sightings reported in Heilongjiang province
Myth & mysteries: Does ET have a face?
MP reported UFO sightings
'It validates what I already believed' says ex-CIA agent about Roswell box
Major military training exercise leads to 'UFO sightings' in northern Michigan
Top rights court upholds Swiss ban on UFO group's posters
Roswell Revisited
Science cable channels chasing paranormal money is galling
UFO: Military Helicopter pursues star-like orb over Colorado
'Star Wars' wreck lying at the bottom of the Baltic may be a Nazi trap
Is ‘Baltic UFO’ Nazi Sub-trap Explanation a Cover-up?
Top potential UK invasion targets revealed... and it's bad news if you live in Reading or Scarborough
Is Obama behind former CIA agent’s claim that Roswell UFO was extraterrestrial?
LOUGHTON: Police transcript of response to 2005 UFO incident released
British Gov’t Releases UFO Files
Britain's National Archives Releases Documents Detailing Work Of 'UFO Desk'
Aliens could head for Salisbury
'Tall silver-suited figures emerged'
The A70 Abduction - Tarbrax, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
1947: The Year of the Crash - Part 1
Marvel's 'Item 47' justifies official suppression of alien technology
More People in Central Pennsylvania Reporting Unexplained Lights
Silver, Disc-shaped Object Seen over Houston, Texas
Mod Documents Reveal Filmworthy Alien Abduction
UFO Descends near LP Field in Nashville, TN